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Tawakal Price List

Tawakal Beef


  • Beef on bone Ksh 500/Kg
  • Beef Steak Ksh 600/Kg
  • Minced Beef Ksh 600/Kg
  • Matumbo Beef Ksh 300/Kg
  • Ossumbuco Ksh 450/Kg
Tawakal Goat


  • Mbuzi Ksh 700/Kg
  • Mbuzi Leg Ksh 700/Kg
  • Mbuzi Ribs & Leg Mix Ksh 650/Kg
  • Maini Goat Ksh 600/Kg
  • Matumbo Goat Ksh 500/Kg
  • Kidney Ksh 20 per piece
Tawakal Goat Cuts
Tawakal Chicken bg


  • Kuku Ksh 500/Kg
  • Boneless Chicken Ksh 700/Kg
  • Drumsticks Ksh 620/Kg
  • Wings Ksh 470/Kg
  • Thigh With Leg Ksh 500/Kg
Tawakal Camel


  • Camel Steak Ksh 600/Kg
  • Nyir Nyir Ksh 600/Kg
  • Camel With Bone Ksh 500/Kg


Tawakal Fish bg


Tawakal Samosas


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